Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bourke Parakeets, 5 weeks old

These five-week-old Rosy Bourke parakeets are Rosie and Pretty Boy's babies. They are eating on their own, but still need some hand feedings to be sure they're getting enough to eat.

Last year we seemed to get several red-eyed babies from three different sets of parents. This year, we haven't had any with red eyes, but we are seeing a lot with yellow feathers mixed in with the rosy or pink. Not sure why there would be such a difference when the parents are all the same birds, both last year and this year.

I moved them into a larger cage and off the kitchen table today. Rosie kept calling to them, so I let her visit them to reassure her that they're all fine. She's on the far left.

One of the babies cheeps more than the other two, so Rosie fed her to shut her up. Rosie wouldn't feed the others. You might think that baby was the youngest, but actually she was the first hatched.

The babies above after their mom went home. While Rosie was visiting, Pretty Boy kept calling to her. He is hand tamed, not hand fed.

Usually I let Pretty Boy out to fly free too, but didn't this morning because the cats were nearby. Rosie stays on my shoulder or hand and I can take her anywhere, but I wasn't confident that Pretty Boy would.

Pretty Boy... Dad to the birds above.

I don't believe either cat would ever hurt one of our birds, but I'd rather be cautious. If the birds are out flying, I try to be sure the cats are either outside or locked in a bedroom. Better safe than sorry. In spite of that, I've had birds fly and land right in front of our black Mei-Ling and she freezes. She's afraid of getting into trouble.

Mei-Ling being introduced to a baby Bourke.
She is a very gentle and obedient cat.

Patches wanting some attention.
The baby bird being fed doesn't interest her.

It's actually the older calico I worry more about. She's a stray we took in several years ago and, as she's gotten older, her hearing is going. I can't yell, "NO!" and be certain she will hear me these days.

This morning it didn't seem fair to wake her up in her chair and lock her in a bedroom when she was so happy where she was. I knew Rosie would be easy to move from one room to the other in order to visit her youngsters.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Our front yard this morning with four deer. Two young
ones in the middle are licking each other. It's been
raining for several days and many deer come to graze.

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Beautiful pictures, they're all looking soo pretty :)