Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bourke Parakeets on Eggs

Fuchsia is on three eggs so far...

Fuchsia's box opens on top. Lid is hinged to open to the right.

Fuchsia asks, "Who's peeking in at me?"
Rosie, below, is also covering three eggs as of today with more to come.

Rosie's box has a sliding door in front. She's chosen a spot off
to one corner of the box. Her entrance opening is at the
upper left corner, unfortunately not shown in this photo.
It helps to have tame hens. They don't get frightened when I take pictures of them. However, even Bourkes that haven't been hand fed will typically remain in their nest when you peek in at them. Most Bourke mothers are reliable and will stay with their nest. Cherry is one of those. However, she and her mate, Rhett, are getting up in years and I wonder if they will reproduce again this year. Cherry has been in her box, but no eggs yet.
Our outdoor wild bird feeders. Aren't the daffodils lovely?
This year the feeders are popular with chipmunks and
deer...even more so than with migrating birds. Smile.
Peace and Blessings.

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