Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bourke Parakeets to New Homes

This lovely little lady is the excited new owner of a hand fed female Bourke. She's taking her home, and her mother shared this photo with us.

Bye Peaches. We know you will be loved.

Named "Peaches," this bird is the youngest from a clutch of three out of Rosie and Pretty Boy last November. Although it's unusual for us to do this, we clipped Peaches' wings to help her new owner keep track of her. A bird on a curtain rod is a problem for a child and Peaches is a strong flier.
Hopefully, by the time her flight feathers grow back Peaches will be bonded to her new owner and easier to retrieve. Her mother, Rosie, will come to me when I call her.

Bird at left is my red-eyed "Sweetheart." Bird on my hand is
Songster. He went to San Francisco on Sunday. Will miss him.

Another view of Peaches before leaving us. She is a
sweet little Rosy Bourke hen.


neversink7 said...

was Songster molted out into his adult plumage in your picture? He appears to be a lot whiter than normal for a rosey.

G. A. Lewis said...

You are correct. This was an early photo of him. His full adult color wasn't as light as this, although he remained a pink opaline.