Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cobalt Blue Linnie, Hand Fed and Rowdy

Update on 12/11/2013 ... Have decided to keep "Blue." Our other pair is on babies, so hopefully we will get a mate for this bird and make it happy. Smile. Besides, he's growing on me. Very tame and fun.


Beautiful hand fed cobalt blue Lineolated parakeet. He loves attention and loves his toys. He is the first Lineolated parakeet I've owned, although we've since added a mated turquoise pair. I hoped to get a youngster from them to mate with him, but am reconsidering raising Linnies as I have too many birds and want to continue specializing in Bourke and Splendid parakeets.

"Mr. Blue" was hatched in November, 2012.
Linnies come from South America. Although small, they act more like a large parrot than like the smaller parakeets. They pick things up with their feet, and do a lot of climbing, even upside down.

He loves to walk through the openings on this swing.

I call him a male, but he hasn't been DNA tested to verify sex. His breeder believes he's male, but another breeder commented on the lack of black at the tip of his tail, so possibly a hen. However, a third breeder says that's not a conclusive means of identifying sex. Have a DNA test kit, but haven't sent it in. Cost is just under $30 to DNA a bird using pulled (not shed) feathers.

His wings were clipped when we bought him.
First through one way.

Then back again. He loves the ladder too and it's funny to
watch him move quickly from one bar to the next.
Why sell such a gorgeous bird? Well... Blue wants attention and we've so many other birds that he isn't getting all that he desires. Hence, unlike most Linnies, he can get noisy. He was raised with Love Birds and Parrotlets that are louder than Bourke parakeets. Lineolated parakeets are great mimics and he sounds like a Love Bird or a Parrotlet. Since we added another pair of Linnies, he is beginning to mimic them, but I've decided to continue specializing in Bourkes and Splendids. And, I simply have too many birds right now.

Might consider letting the other Linnie pair go too. They are a 7-year-old proven pair. Wings are not clipped. Not hand fed, but calm birds. If interested, contact me at Thanks.

Pair of turquoise Lineolated Parakeets.

Peace and Blessings.

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