Friday, July 12, 2013

Lady Gouldian Finches For Sale (Update, these are sold)


If you are in Southern Oregon, have I got a deal for you. Five young Lady Gouldian finches have almost completed their molts. These three males are lovely singers. The two hens were hand fed and more tame than the others. All are related. Contact for prices and information.

Three young Lady Gouldian males. All hatched early this year.

Bird at far right isn't for sale. He's healthy, just unwilling to molt.

Bird on far right in photo above is their father who refuses to complete a molt. He and his hen have been separated for several months and she completed her molt and is lovely. Perhaps when his sons are gone, he will finally complete his own molt. He may need to be in a cage by himself for a while.
The young pair of Lady Gouldians I acquired over a year ago went to nest as soon as I got them, even though neither had completed their molts. They've raised some lovely offspring. By separating them, she finished her molt, but he hasn't. Yet, birds from their last two clutches are now brightly colored and gorgeous.
If you want to see beautiful birds, I recommend waiting to put young male and female Lady Gouldians together until they've completed their first molt. Obviously, it hasn't hurt mine to breed early, but it is nice to see their eventual wonderful colors.
Once this guy has completed a molt, I'll return him to his hen and a joy-filled life again.

Peace and Blessings.

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