Monday, September 30, 2013

Bourke Parakeet Video of Newly Hatched Baby

Rhett and Cherry had fertile eggs, much to my surprise. They are quite elderly by Bourke standards, both over ten years. This first hatchling appeared to be dead in the nest, so I took its cold body out and noticed movement of its beak. My hands were cold, so I held it against my warm midriff and soon felt it begin to wiggle. I quickly prepared Exact Hand Feeding formula and fed him. He gulped down the food.

I returned him to Cherry, tucking him under her. I was hopeful she'd accept him back and had only accidentally let him slip away from her. She's been a good mother in the past.
I checked her before going to bed and didn't see him, so believed he was still under her, warm and safe. Next morning, however, he was in a far corner and this time he had died. Why did she reject him? I don't know. Would he have survived if I hand fed him? Well, he did have a partial black area on his stomach. Babies with black stomachs typically don't survive because there is some internal problem. This is true for finches, as well as Bourkes, and possibly for all birds. His was not ALL black, but did have that one area... Could that be why she rejected him? As an experienced mother, did she believe he couldn't survive?
Because of this chick's death, when Cherry left the nest momentarily, I checked her eggs. Three were not going to hatch, but one was piping (tapping and peeping). It would soon hatch. Would she reject that chick also? Was she tired and unwilling to keep raising her young...only willing to brood the eggs?
My sudden decision was to remove the viable egg and give it to Fuchsia who has a very good partner and has successfully raised nearly all her young.
The same day, Fuchsia hatched the egg and has been feeding the baby for several days now. It has dark eyes. Maybe Cherry would have done okay with it, and I felt sorry for her, but knew  Fuchsia would care for it and she has.
After a few days, Cherry gave up on the other three eggs in her nest, realizing they were not going to hatch.
Meanwhile, Fuchsia still has eggs due to hatch soon and so does Rosie.

Peace & Blessings.

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