Monday, September 16, 2013

Handfeeding Formula Substitute, A Question To Readers

Anyone have a solution to the question below? It was sent to  BE SURE TO CLICK ON "COMMENTS" BELOW TO SEE ANSWERS... SMILE.
"Hi, I have a problem. I always keep some hand feeding formula around just in case one of my parents stops feeding a baby. Well I ran out and wouldn't you know I have a baby that is fully feathered but not eating and parents won't feed. I ordered the formula online because I live in the middle of nowhere and can't buy locally. Is there something I can feed the baby until the formula gets here? He's so thin I'm not sure he will make it."

As a child and teen, I was told that rescued baby birds could survive on egg yolk (from hard boiled chicken eggs), mixed with a little warm milk. However, none of my baby sparrows ever survived on it. But, maybe I didn't know to feed them enough and as often as necessary. I was only a child. - Gail



Anonymous said...

As a temporary measure, you can use chicken/turkey feed mixed with warm water (to get to a similar consistency as with regular handfeeding formula) and feed as you normally do. The main difference is that it's much higher in protein than normal handfeeding formula, which may cause unusual feather development if used long term.

It sounds like you're in a rural area, so hopefully you can find some poultry feed nearby.

-Bob from San Francisco

Anonymous said...

In answer to the reader’s question. I previously volunteered at the wild bird rescue, where baby insect-eating birds were fed something called “J Mix”. It was cooked baby cereal with canned dog food mixed in, probably via a blender.

For Bourke’s, I’d say leave out the dog food (since they are not insect eaters) but maybe cooked baby cereal blended with hard-boiled egg might work instead – at least until the hard-rearing formula arrives. Also, the mix should be warmed to slightly above room temp (80 – 90’F) when it’s being fed.

Scarlett Delgado said...

Those are wonderful answers thank you all so much. He did survive and i have the formula in now but he doesnt seem to want to eat much like ones ive had to hand feed in the past and i dont want to choke him by forcing it down his beak.right now im just patiently putting tiny amounts at a time and he shakes his little head and throws it out. I am keeping him in with the parents hoping they will help.i have hand fed several birds in the past and never had this problem. I really hope i can save him. If there are any tips or if u all think im doing something wrong plz tell me. Thank you all again.

Scarlett Delgado said...

Oh and Bob that was really good because i have chickens and have food here :)