Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pink Bourke Parakeets & Lady Gouldian Finches, Young Birds Today

Below are photos I took this morning. These will be the last baby birds for 2013 and no more until late next Spring.
The Opaline, Fallow Pink Bourke Parakeet below has red eyes. Notice the bit of yellow on his wings. It's also on his rump. He is currently sharing a cage with our elderly Cherry whose mate, Rhett, passed away recently. Rhett was my very first Rosy Bourke and I miss him. Chose this bird to house with her because I might decide to keep him and didn't want her to be alone. He's also the oldest of the Bourke babies we still have from this year. 
This baby is out of Rosie and Pretty Boy.
He was raised alone and would be easy to hand tame.

Four young Rosy Bourkes ready for new homes.

The Rosy Bourke babies above are all for sale. Remember, I don't ship. They are only recently weaned. One is out of Rhett and Cherry and one out of Fuchsia and Flame. Two others are from Rosie and Pretty Boy.

Fuchsia laid four eggs and two have hatched. The other two probably won't. She's very tame. These babies will be ready to band in another couple of days.

Our Lady Gouldian finches are on their second clutch of the year. There are three babies outside the nest box and three still inside. Mother Gouldian finch is in the foreground with her pretty black face.
If I don't get the nest box off soon, she's going to lay another clutch. Not sure if I want that to happen. She's a sweet bird, and overly prolific.
These babies are also available, although our local pet shop wants them.
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May God bless you and all your beautiful birds with peace, joy and good health.

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