Friday, February 7, 2014

The Baby Lineolated Parakeets Today

The two baby Lineolated Parakeets below are out of turquoise parents. Their color is brighter than their parent's shades. To me they appear more teal in color. After they are DNA'd, if one is a hen, her name is going to be "Teal" and she will hopefully be a mate for our "Blue." 

My hand fed baby Linnies at 8 weeks of age.

Our "teal" Linnies again at 8 weeks of age.
Photo is by Trudy Smith of her Linnies.

The Linnies above are two greens and a blue. They're different than mine and it was very interesting
for me to compare their colors to my birds. My babies are not this green, but more teal in color. Trudy's blue Linnie is a lighter blue than our cobalt blue guy below.

One year old, hand fed, Mr. Blue.

Cobalt blue Lineolated Parakeet.
 Peace & Blessings!
May all your birds stay healthy and happy.

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