Friday, July 4, 2014

Flame & Fuchsia's Babies on Video

Flame and Fuchsia are parents of three baby Rosy Bourke Parakeets. They're less than two weeks old in this video taken July 3, 2014.

Peace & Blessings to all.
Have a SAFE, Celebratory Fourth of July.


Anonymous said...


Have you ever tried letting the parents feed the babies but otheriwse handling them a lot so they become tame? Will that work? Or do you have to pull them from the parents at some point and hand feed to produce tame babies (even if the parents are tame)?

Ron in Delaware

Melissa Korhonen said...

This is a nice video. Especially the way it shows the male helping to feed the babies. Male Bourke's like to be involved in the rearing too. The freeze mode that Fuchsia was in seems so common in Bourke's. I've never known a bird to have more freeze episodes than the Bourke's parakeets.
I wish all the babies happy growing!