Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bourke Parakeet Babies, Parent and Hand Fed For Sale on Oregon's South Coast

These lovely Rosy Bourke babies are for sale.
All are hand fed and banded.
I've been so busy with my novel, "Cast Me Not Away," that is to be published soon, that I've not been able to do my favorite past time: blogging here.
Another time consumer: I agreed to hand feed baby Bourkes for two people. When I do this, I don't normally ask for a deposit. Feeding baby Bourkes is an act of love, but time consuming and more expensive than with parent fed babies, so I should take a deposit.

I removed two of Fuchsia's offspring and two of Rosie's to hand feed. They are ready, but the buyers are not. As has happened before, one said, "Oh, I thought North Bend was near Bend." Bend is in Eastern Oregon far from the south coast of Oregon where I live, near Coos Bay. No matter how often I emphasize where I am, there are still mistakes. The other buyer had a family emergency. Does happen.
So, I have four pretty babies waiting for new homes. Also have some parent fed Bourkes that I'll let go for $75 each or the very tame, hand fed youngsters are $125 each. Also, have two adult bachelors, both red-eyed opaline fallow Rosies that I'll consider selling. Both were hand fed and very tame. Kept them for a Lutino hen, but she's now paired with a Normal brown fellow.

I cannot ship. It's too far to PDX. I will meet people south of us in Coquille or Bandon, Oregon, or north of us to Reedsport or possibly Florence. We will be making a trip to Eugene in August if I still have birds at that time. More are coming, but they will be parent fed. I band all birds with closed bands giving hatch number, year of hatch and our initials: EGL.

If interested, write to me at:

Peace & Blessings!


carol said...

Hi I have hand reared before but not Bourks I was wondering do the chicks take to a spoon as readily as a dropper or syringe as I prefer the spoon method thanks so much.

G. A. Lewis said...

Hello Carol, Bourke Parakeets under 2 weeks of age eat readily, but their beaks are tiny, so a spoon might prove difficult. When older than 2 weeks, they sometimes need to have food forced into their beaks the first few times. They're used to parent feedings. It's a lot easier to do that with an eye dropper. Try a spoon if you want to, but keep an alternative handy. Also, lots of tissues and warm water for clean up. Smile.