Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update On My Two Books

This is to let you know that my Small Exotic Bird Book will be available soon. The Publisher says the text is finalized and photos are currently being situated within each chapter. I expect it to be approximately 8 inches by 11 inches ... not small. Smile. It covers a wide variety of small bird species. Below are the chapter headings to offer enticement. 

By Gail A. Lewis
(aka Rosie Bird)
  1. Introduction                                                                                                  
  2. Keeping Small Exotic Birds 
  3. Selecting a Bird, Behaviors and Personalities
  4. Cages and Aviaries
  5. Diet and Nutrition
  6. Breeding, Mating and Sexing
  7. Brooding and Incubation
  8. Successful Parent Birds
  9. Banding Baby Birds
  10. Hand Feeding Baby Birds
  11. Hand Taming, Talking and More
  12. Health, Safety and Medications
  13. Beak and Nail or Wing Trimming
  14. Egg Binding - Help and Rescue
  15. Maintaining Records, Genetics and Choosing Names
  16. Birds with Other Pets
  17. Aggression in Birds
  18. Building Projects, Nest Boxes and Incubators
  19. Questions and Answers
  20. All About Bourke Parakeets, Author’s Specialty
  21. Birds Bring Joy – A Final Note

If You're ProLife
 Like Most of Us Are Who Love Birds

About my other book, the novel CAST ME NOT AWAY, written under the pseudonym Zara Heritage:  In order to advertise and let people know about it, a Go Fund Me page was created solely to enable me (the author) to send out complimentary copies to ProLife organizations encouraging them to share this novel with others. I can buy the books wholesale, but they still cost money, as does the postage to send them. That's the purpose of the Go Fund Me request page.

Donations of $25 or more get a signed copy and a bookmark. Click below to see what else is offered.
If you support LIFE, and are willing to encourage it, here's a link.

Peace, Blessings and Thank You!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby Bourke Future Color Identification and Banding by Foot Sizes.

Our current two clutches in video. It was taken today. Rosie & Pretty Boy have four babies. Peaches and Stormy have five. Fuchsia's five eggs were infertile, so maybe next time. Our beautiful Lutino, Sunny, hasn't been accepted by any of the three males she's had access to. Still hopeful for her.

Love these wonderful little miracle birds. Peace & Blessings!