Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Lady Gouldian Finches

Lady Gouldian finches at 16 days of age.
These two Lady Gouldian finch babies hatched from eggs on Friday, September 7. They were hatched in a home made incubator. Mother finch decided she'd raised enough for the year and wouldn't sit on the eggs, but kept laying. Three were fertile, and two hatched.

Almost time to move them from the incubator and into a cage. They will be able to fly soon. At present, I prop the door up, but leave the light on. It stays warm in there, but not as hot as it was before they feathered.

Perhaps I'll turn the light off for a few days with the incubator lid down. Then move them to a cage at the end of this week.

In their incubator at 16 days old.

This photo was taken today, September 25. They're 18 days old.

As sweet as these little birds are, and as happy as I am that through a miracle they hatched and are still alive...I'm tired of feeding baby birds! I'll be grateful to have them fledged. Smile.

Peace and Blessings


Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job :)

G. A. Lewis said...

Thank you! I try.